Broad Branch Partners

Broad Branch Partners is an integrated real estate firm that operates throughout the Washington, DC area, specializing in strategic acquisitions, adaptive use, redevelopment, and commercial and residential sales. The principals of the firm, Shane Crowley and Jason Weinstein, are both life-long, multi-generational Washingtonians, with deep roots in the local community. In fact, Shane and Jason are best friends, having met 20 years ago, while attending high school together at Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC.

Shane and Jason came together to form Broad Branch Development in 2015. At the time, they shared a vision for creating a real estate company that could capitalize on their unique ability to identify and extract maximum value from properties that were underutilized, overlooked, and ripe for redevelopment. In other words, they saw valuable development potential where others were unable to see it, and this enabled them to uncover profitable development opportunities. Their initial business plan was primarily centered around developing these properties, but they quickly realized that they were very good at demonstrating the untapped value of these properties to the market, which ultimately leads them to a more integrated business strategy that branched out beyond development.

Realizing that there was a niche in real estate sales for agents with first-hand experience in strategic acquisitions, development, renovations, and repositioning of property (along with an entrepreneurial/marketing background), Jason and Shane decided to launch the Broad Branch Group - a separate division of their business that is affiliated with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty and specializes in real estate sales. The Broad Branch Group functions alongside Broad Branch Development, under the newly formed umbrella/parent company, Broad Branch Partners. Also under the Broad Branch Partners umbrella is Broad Branch Consulting and Community Development Partners which was founded in 2018 with Kweisi "Don" Mfume, Jr. Collectively, Broad Branch Partners has taken part in the repositioning of retail to multi-family, industrial to multi-family, single-family to multi-family, and retrofit/renovations of single-family and multi-family properties. 

Perhaps the best example of Broad Branch’s unique approach to real estate is 4702 West Virginia Ave in Downtown Bethesda, MD. To others, this property represented nothing more than an undesirable house, due to its proximity to the commercial activity along Wisconsin Ave; whereas, in the eyes of Broad Branch Partners, this property not only had the potential to be a valuable development site on its own, but it was also very well positioned for an assemblage with surrounding properties, ultimately yielding a much larger development. Broad Branch is creative and innovative in its approach to redevelopment, with a knack for maximizing yield and efficiency while navigating complicated approval processes. This unique skillset, combined with their keen understanding of the highly nuanced Bethesda Sector Plan, has enabled Broad Branch to transform what had been nothing more than an undesirable house into a valuable development site, with approvals for a 19-unit condominium building, located in what is now one of the most explosive pockets of redevelopment in the entire region. Furthermore, through strategic assemblage, Broad Branch is in the process of scaling the project into something much larger, with approximately 50-70 units. This project, along with many others, is featured on our portfolio page, which can be accessed here

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